Bluetooth AIS Pilot Plug(BTAis-3) + High Quality BT USB dongle


Description: This "AIS Pilot Plug Bluetooth with wiring tester&corrector Plus" comes with a high quality Class 1 Bluetooth USB dongle, to work with our Pilot Plug Bluetooth can acheive extra long Bluetooth active range(over 100 meters).


    This GlobPilot new patent product provides a simple and easy way to connect AIS Pilot Plug to your ECDIS computer, laptop, pocket PC, PDA or Palm. With the advantage of Li-ion battery powered Bluetooth, users can connect to AIS without a cable, high capacity battery makes it last one or two weeks with one charge for typical pilot usage. The Bluetooth can be also powered by a external power supply to achieve long term work. 2 in 1 Double-Insurance design allow users to use a standard USB-to-USB cable to connect to computer as a backup, which provide an alternative way of Bluetooth to insure the connection at any sircumstances.

    It has a build-in Pilot Plug wiring tester and LED indicator, to indicate whether the AIS Pilot Plug has a correct and good wiring, helping people to tell the problem with the connection. And it also has a wiring reverse switch, to provide a way for user to correct the reversed wiring.

    In many cases, ship's AIS Pilot Plug has a wrong or broken wiring, that causing connecting problem, this new patent product has a green LED indicator and a wiring correct switch on its small black box, when the Pilot Plug has a correct and good wiring and has data output, the green LED blinks, when Pilot Plug was reverse wired , it is constant lighted, and when Pilot Plug has a broken wire or no data output, it isn't lighted, simply telling you the wiring status of the Pilot Plug. And if you find the Pilot Plug is reverse wired, you can use the wiring reverse switch to correct the wiring immediately.

    This is our second generation product, in which the bluetooth is Class 1 standard(Class 2 compliant), the internal battery is a AA battery instead of a CR123A, which the battery capacity is doubled, and the battery can be easily replaced by user. Even communicate with a cheap, common Class 2 bluetooth USB dongle or laptop imbeded bluetooth, its bluetooth active range is over 40 meters, if work with a high quality Class 1 bluetooth USB dongle, its bluetooth active range will be over 100 meters.


    IMO Standard AIS Pilot Plug interfaces for mariners

    Bluetooth Class 1 version 2.0 and USB 2.0(1.0 compliant)

    Over 100 meters radius's Bluetooth active range in the open space

    Over 24 hours continuous bluetooth working time

    Bluetooth-USB cable 2 in 1 Double-Insurance design, never rely on other power supply

    Build-in AIS Pilot Plug wiring tester and LED indicator

    A small wire reverse switch to correct wrong wiring

    A two-position switch to select Bluetooth - USB cable

    A micro-USB socket to connect to a computer / USB power adapter with a USB cable

    Bidirectional communication, also support sending messages or commands to AIS

    Powered by either internal battery or a power adapter

    Internal battery is replaceable by user

    Palm size, weighs less then 5 oz, can put into your pocket.

LED status:


        Fast blink: matching

        Slow blink: waiting

        Constant light: connected

    WIRING TESTER(green):

        Blink: correct and good wiring and has data output

        Constant light: reverse wired

        Not light: broken wire or no data output

Package Content:

    AIS Pilot Plug Bluetooth/USB Data Transmitter

    USB Power Adapter: Input: AC100~240V 50/60Hz, Output: DC5V 500mA

    Micro USB Data Cable: 2.2m

    USB driver CD

    A high quality Class 1 Bluetooth USB dongle


    BLUETOOTH connection:

        Push the toggle switch to the upper position

        Connecting Name: PilotBluetooth, Passkey: 1234

        LED status: fast blink: matching, slow blink: waiting, long shine: connected

    USB Cable connection:

        Push the toggle switch to the lower position

        Plug USB Data Cable to the micro-USB socket and computer USB port

        Install driver for the first time connection


    Please don't litter the battery into the sea.

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